Beebe Springs Wildlife Area


Beebe Springs, Washington

J.A. Brennan developed a master plan through construction documents for a multi-phased restoration project that offers recreational, natural, and cultural opportunities at the site of a former apple orchard. The design incorporates trails and viewing platforms with educational and interpretive facilities that enhance the visitor’s experience. Natural systems on and through the site have been improved with side channels for fish rearing, restored riparian and shrub-steppe habitat, and mesic swales that collect and direct vital water resources on this seasonally-dry site.


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Project Elements:
  • Master planning
  • Open space
  • Ecological |  LID | stormwater design
  • Habitat & restoration design
  • Trails & viewpoints
  • ADA accessibility design
  • Waterfront & shoreline
  • Public Process
  • Permitting
Project Gallery