Cayton Corner Park

Working closely with the friends of 19th and Madison Steering Committee and Seattle Parks, J.A. Brennan, in collaboration with artist Carolyn Law, developed a schematic plan for a neighborhood pocket park in the Central District. The park is located at the dynamic convergence of three distinct neighborhoods: Capitol Hill, the Central District, and Madison Valley. The design builds on the community’s unique character to generate a strong sense of place. Amenities will be provided for people of all ages to meet, gather, play, and seek respite in a green space. Park features will include a vertical iconic gateway marker, a playful metal slide built in to the slope, stair-seats, and informal climbing/play structures. A distinctive design goal for the park is to provide appropriate access and spaces for users who are hard of hearing and visually impaired.

Client: Friends of 19th & Madison
Location: Seattle, WA