Every other Friday afternoon the JAB team spends dedicated time analyzing and discussing one topic of relevance to the practice.  The issue of the day can involve solving a design problem, theorizing, critiquing, brainstorming, or sketching design ideas.

Recent discussion topics include

  • Designing new details for fences and gates
  • Developing a site opportunities and constraints map for a marketing effort
  • Developing a concept for a focal point
  • Choosing a park signage theme
  • Looking at case study parks in Chicago

Cloud Gate, otherwise known as the ‘Bean;’ in Chicago’s Millennium Park

The coLAB session is our chance to get all the brain power of the firm in one room for workshop.  Eighty-eight years of combined experience drilling into one issue results in some amazing aesthetic design and creative problem solving!

Entry signage concept for Tacoma’s Swan Creek Park

This time is a chance to hear everyone’s voice on a topic/project.  Voices from outside a project’s regular team can provide interesting insight, maybe even shift and shape solutions in new directions.

We use CoLAB to keep us up-to-date with what is going on in the profession and in the office.  It takes discipline and commitment to set aside this dedicated time.  But the results have shown the time to be productive, inspiring, and fun!