j.a.b.LOG Roundup of Recent Interesting Articles

Landscape Architecture Related

 “You have to build coalitions of unlikely partners to get parks built, restored and maintained.”
The long-standing tradition of landscape architecture and sustainability
Paver Power in Europe
The Real High Line Effect — A Transformational Triumph of Preservation and Design
Value of homes near wildlife refuges higher
Why Cities are Better for Watersheds than Suburbs: “High-density areas reduce pollutant loading on a per capita basis, acting as a truer indicator of damage to receiving waters than low-density areas.”
A field guide about how we view urban plants, native and non-native
Vertical Park in Barcelona

NW Related

Corps, Puget Sound Partnership agree to collaborate on levees
Seattle Center’s new food options and perhaps a new Bubbleator!
Competition for adaptive reuse of 520
Historic building in Bellingham a teardown?
Sea-Level Rise studies in Richmond, BC

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