Engineering: Tetra Tech Inc.

Landscape Architecture: J.A. Brennan

The Riverview Park Ecosystem Restoration Project reached a milestone in October when the channel inlet and outlet coffer dams were removed, allowing water to flow for the first time though the new side channel!  Crews raced against the clock to finish in-water work before migrating salmon entered this reach of the Green River.  They  excavated to finish grade, placed streambed gravel , rock slope protection, bioengineered soil lifts,  and anchored in-stream woody debris.   Careful monitoring ensured that salmon were not impacted by construction activities.

Since then, crews have hydroseeded the site, and now are planting more than 7,000 native trees, shrubs and ferns and more than 2,000 native emergent plants.   We look forward to seeing the plants all installed;  then, site will really begin to look like a natural channel….irresistible to the fish.   So, stay tuned for more updates!