Green River

Here comes the water!

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Engineering: Tetra Tech Inc. Landscape Architecture: J.A. Brennan The Riverview Park Ecosystem Restoration Project reached a milestone in October when the channel inlet and outlet coffer dams were removed, allowing water to flow for the first time though the new side channel!  Crews raced against the clock to finish in-water work before migrating salmon entered

Aesthetic Enhancements for a City of Kent Flood Wall

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Typical concrete floodwall?  Or integration of art that signifies place?  These were the choices the City of Kent had when considering improvements to the Boeing Levee at Three Friends Fishing Hole Park.  As the city neared completion of flood wall design for the Boeing Levee, inventive thinkers proposed adding art to the wall’s face along

Riverview Park Ecosystem Restoration Update

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J.A. Brennan is part of a consultant team working with the City of Kent and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to create a habitat enhancement channel on the Green River at Riverview Park.  In this photo, the 25’-deep side channel excavation is nearly complete. The contractor, Performance Systems, Inc., is busily working to complete

Riverview Park Ecosystem Restoration

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J.A. Brennan recently completed multiple illustrative graphics, which were used in the project ground-breaking ceremony, and in other public outreach and informational efforts. J.A. Brennan is a member of the consultant team that worked with the City of Kent and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to design a Habitat Enhancement Channel at