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Dune Fencing: Practical and Beachy

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by Mike Perfetti, Senior Associate, Landscape Architect One challenge we face on many public park projects is protecting newly installed plants from being trampled by park users.  (Another challenge is preventing plants from being devoured by wildlife!)  Recently we worked with Davido Consulting Group at San Juan County’s Odlin Park to design renovations to an

Culturally Sensitive Design

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by Jim Brennan I recently had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan's scenic east coast again and present at a symposium.  I have been involved with tourism planning for the East Coast Tourism Bureau for the past 15 years and previously worked on development of the Green Island Master Plan. The S.E. Coast of Taiwan is

Facilities and Parks Spotlight Award

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The Washington Recreation & Park Association (WRPA) recently awarded Don Morse Park in Chelan a Facilities and Parks Spotlight Award. “Spotlight Awards highlight excellence and achievements in the field of parks and recreation by honoring the amazing efforts of public agencies.  Facilities & Parks Awards recognize the highest standards in design, development and renovation of


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Fuzhou Pavilion during the moon festival at Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park, © J.A. Brennan Associates Good civic spaces provide communities with vital places for congregation and celebration and can augment, if not define, the spirit of a neighborhood and city. Part of the design process for public spaces involves pinpointing and expressing significant

Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas, Final Rule

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by Dan Shaw The ABA Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas final rule went into effect on November 25. Anyone involved in outdoor accessibility issues in a federal setting will likely be affected by the final rule. Changes in materials need careful consideration, (Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland, WA) Several of us at the

Recreating Historically Significant Public Spaces

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Old Town Dock after Re-creation   Before restoration, the dock was unsafe and closed to the public. by Mike Perfetti Public parks and outdoor civic spaces provide many day-to-day and long-term civic and environmental functions.  Park creation and re-creation require coordination and collaboration between designers and stakeholders in order to create

Aesthetic Enhancements for a City of Kent Flood Wall

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Typical concrete floodwall?  Or integration of art that signifies place?  These were the choices the City of Kent had when considering improvements to the Boeing Levee at Three Friends Fishing Hole Park.  As the city neared completion of flood wall design for the Boeing Levee, inventive thinkers proposed adding art to the wall’s face along

Riverview Park Ecosystem Restoration Update

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J.A. Brennan is part of a consultant team working with the City of Kent and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to create a habitat enhancement channel on the Green River at Riverview Park.  In this photo, the 25’-deep side channel excavation is nearly complete. The contractor, Performance Systems, Inc., is busily working to complete

Don Morse Park Beach Restoration Update, Chelan, WA

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Park use is up substantially and visitors are having a great experience now that the bulkhead has been buried and the park has a beach designed by the J.A. Brennan Associates team.  Next spring native aspen trees and other vegetation will be added to create shade, beautify the site, and enhance the riparian habitat.

Evaluating the Performance of Bio-Swale Plant Material

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by Drew Coombs Background In 2008-2009 J.A. Brennan provided design services for a bio-filtration drainage system at Marra-Desimone Park.  We collaborated with Davido Consulting Group to improve roadway drainage in this South Park neighborhood for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).   For more background info see here. We return to the site two to three times a year