Creating Vibrant Spaces

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Designers want their end results to be loved and used!  It isn’t enough to make a place look great or have the latest in sustainable features.  What creates a vibrant public place?  Beautiful spaces with rich detailing draw people into a place.  But what keeps them coming back?  It is often the interactions that take

Culturally Sensitive Design

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by Jim Brennan I recently had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan's scenic east coast again and present at a symposium.  I have been involved with tourism planning for the East Coast Tourism Bureau for the past 15 years and previously worked on development of the Green Island Master Plan. The S.E. Coast of Taiwan is

Appreciating My Local Greenbelt

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By Drew Coombs, Landscape Architect I live in the Shorewood neighborhood, on the southwest edge of Seattle at the Burien border.  We are fortunate that we have two or three locations within walking distance where we are able to access a peaceful natural forest setting. Experiencing the Greenbelt One of my favorite walks is down


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Fuzhou Pavilion during the moon festival at Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park, © J.A. Brennan Associates Good civic spaces provide communities with vital places for congregation and celebration and can augment, if not define, the spirit of a neighborhood and city. Part of the design process for public spaces involves pinpointing and expressing significant

Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas, Final Rule

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by Dan Shaw The ABA Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas final rule went into effect on November 25. Anyone involved in outdoor accessibility issues in a federal setting will likely be affected by the final rule. Changes in materials need careful consideration, (Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland, WA) Several of us at the

The Beauty in My Garden

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This is what it looks like when all is going and growing perfectly… by Tanja Wilcox, Senior Associate, Landscape Architect Creating, Nurturing, and Watching Things Grow As landscape architects, we all come to our profession for a multitude of reasons, but one of the reasons that I am drawn to landscape architecture is

Behind the Scenes at JAB: The CoLAB

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Every other Friday afternoon the JAB team spends dedicated time analyzing and discussing one topic of relevance to the practice.  The issue of the day can involve solving a design problem, theorizing, critiquing, brainstorming, or sketching design ideas. Recent discussion topics include Designing new details for fences and gates Developing a site opportunities and constraints

Evolution of Project Photography

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by Chris Nack The Button Keeping the image library organized and up-to-date is time consuming for a design firm.  We found something image-related to smile about when we found this relic, with its original box, in the back of our old storage cabinet. Then: $26.99 Fred Meyer price tag Today: $6.99 on ebay